Prep class for the German DSH exam

In order to take up university studies in Germany, foreign applicants must prove they have sufficient language skills. Passing the DSH exam (“Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang“) is generally accepted as proof by universities. Our Prep class for the German DSH exam  will prepare you specifically and effectively for this demanding exam in 4 weeks (80 units). Participation in this course requires German language skills at a solid C1.1 level (CEF).
We work in small groups of 3 to 5 (max.) participants. Working in such small groups allows us to also adress your specific questions and individual needs; an added value in your preparation that should not be underestimated for your success in the exam.

The DSH examination covers these 4 areas of linguistic competence: reading comprehension, structures of scientific language (=grammar), listening comprehension, and text production.
Based on this, we design the curriculum for our preparation courses.

The central aspect of our course work for reading comprehension is close reading and analysis of texts dealing with scientific topics (in the wider sense) at a higher language level. Course participants will learn to understand the information in detail, and to filter it in such a way that questions about the text (questions about content, and multiple choice questions) can be answered specifically.

In the grammar part of the course, we revise key topics of both basic and intermediate levels; in addition, we work on and practice some new grammar structures that are relevant for the exam.

The training on listening comprehension is intended to develop the participants’ ability to take in information that is only being heard, and then to reproduce it in writing in a structured and comprehensible way. This is achieved e.g. by exercises on note-taking and summarising texts with scientific topics.

In the text production part, independent phrasing and techniques for clearly structuring scientific texts are trained.

Upcoming courses

Course type: Small group (intensive course)
Course format: Face to face at SK
Group size: 3-5 participants*
Frequency: 5 classes per week (5×4 units**)

Start date P.** Total units*** Course Duration Schedule Price****
New courses will start shortly.

* A minimum of three participants is required.
** P. = Participants
*** 1 unit = 45 minutes
**** Our course fees are net prices (VAT exempt), and apply per participant. Prices are calculated on the basis of 5 students. For less participants (4 or 3 students), learning is more effective and progress more rapid, so that the number of units will be reduced.