SK Online

SK Online provides a flexible and innovative solution for acquiring foreign language skills, which you can integrate into your tightly scheduled daily (business) routine, in a time-saving and flexible manner, regardless of your location and across distances. All you need is a mobile device and a stable internet connection.

Using digitised products, you will go through closely interlaced and well-coordinated learning phases. Close interlocking of teacher-guided lessons and independent learning phases (“blended learning”) remains a key element.

Traditional classroom attendance will be replaced by online training using video tools. You will meet your personal SK trainer in the virtual classroom. In the interactive video chat, the focus is on practice transfer: you’ll practice your speaking skills in natural real-time communication and consolidate your knowledge of set topics (vocabulary) and structures (grammar) that you have prepared and worked on during your self-study phase. For this purpose, sessions between 45 and 90 minutes prove to be useful. We’ll support your self-study with a number of other digital solutions for online and offline use.

You are welcome to take a free trial lesson to convince yourself of the efficiency and simple technical handling of the medium. Arrange your appointment with us today.