Virtual Classroom – Concept & Design

In a virtual classroom, we combine live video communication with online learning platforms to provide an interactive language training that is comparable to face-to-face training. As a student, you enter a video call with your trainer via your preferred communication platform, such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams – we’ll send you a participation link and with just a few clicks you’ll meet your personal SK trainer in the virtual classroom.

This setting allows for a natural interactive communication between you and your trainer, in speaking as well as in writing: you can share files or store them in the cloud, share your screen or use a whiteboard; you can also both work on the same document with services such as MS Teams or GoogleDocs.

On top of that, we’ll give you access to various learning platforms or learning management systems (LMS): one of these LMS will be a digitised textbook, that you can use via app, or open in any web browser – even offline and not tied to one device. The overall advantage of all these platform systems is the fact that contents, especially textbooks and material provided by your trainer, are available online – anywhere on the world, on any device.