Language Levels

Our language trainings are available at all levels. In terms of course structure and course design (i.e. placement, syllabus and language certificate), we have followed the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR, or GER in German) since it beginnings.

The CEFR is an internationally recognised system of six levels (A1-C2) to describe communicative skills and to assess levels of language competence. These levels are defined through a series of “Can-Do” descriptors for reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing.

These same levels are also used for official language certificates, as well as virtually all modern textbooks.

The level of a language course or textbook is the target level. So, an A1 course is intended for absolute beginners and leads up to the A1 level (and may be completed with an A1 exam or certificate).

Here you can find more detailed descriptions of skill sets for each level. For further general information, you can consult the European Council’s official CEFR outline.